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    南非土木工程施工標準 W部分 消防裝置 英文原文節選 20100079 3-23

    The requirements of regulation W3 shall be deemed to be satisfied where any
    fire installation is designed and constructed in accordance with deemed-to-satify
    rules contained in the following provisions of this Part.
    SABS 0400-1 990 21 8
    Any fire installation shall be connected to a communication pipe provided by
    the local authority and located at a position and depth to be determined by such
    local authority.
    Where so required by the local authority provision shall be made in any fire installation
    for the supply and installation by the local authority of a water meter.
    An isolating valve shall be fitted in any fire installation at a position not more
    than 1,5 m inside the boundary of the site.
    Any fire installation shall be so constructed as to provide -
    (a) a quantity of water sufficient for the effective operation of that number
    of hose reels, hydrants and sprinkler heads which may be operated or come
    into operation simultaneously in any division.
    (b) a flow pressure, at any hose reel or hydrant, of not less than 300 kPa and
    a flow rate of not less than -
    (i) 0,5 Bls per hose reel; and
    (ii) 20 Pls per hydrant.
    appropriate to the hazard rating of such system.
    (c) a flow pressure and flow rate at the control valve of any sprinkler system
    In any fire installation -
    (a) the nominal diameter of -
    any communication pipe serving such installation shall be not less
    than 75 mm .
    any pipe supplying water to any fire hydrant shall be not less than
    75 mm: Provided that where the length of such pipe is more than 50 m
    the nominal diameter of such pipe and of the communication pipe
    to which the installation is connected shall be not less than 100 mm .
    (iii) any service pipe supplying water to any hose reel on any one storey
    of a building shall be not less than -
    (aa) 25 mm, if it serves 1 or 2 hose reels;
    (bb) 32 mm, if it serves 3 hose reels;
    (cc) 40 mm, if it serves 4 or 5 hose reels; and
    (dd) 50 mm, if it serves more than 5 hose reels.
    (b) any pipe which serves any hydrant and hose reel installation or an automatic
    sprinkler installation, shall be provided with a twin pumping
    (c) any pipe serving only hose reels shall be provided with a single pumping
    (d) any pipe fitted with one or more fire-pump connectons shall be fitted with
    a pressure gauge reading up to 2 500 kPa and a reflux valve so located
    as to shut off automatically the direct supply of water from the local
    authority system to such installation whenever and for so long as any such
    fire pump connection is in use.
    No reflux valve in any fire installation shall be so positioned as to prevent or
    hinder the flow of water from any fire-pump connection to any hose reel or
    hydrant connected to such installation.
    Any fire installation shall be connected -
    (a) directly to the communication pipe where the local authority’s water supply
    is capable of providing the pressure and rate of flow required for hose
    reels contemplated in subrule WW5.1; or
    21 9 SABS 0400-1990
    (b) to a storage tank of adequate capacity where so required by the local
    authority or where the local authority's water supply is not capable of
    providing such pressure and rate of flow: Provided that where any fire installation
    is connected to such storage tank a pump shall be fitted between
    such tank and any hose reel and provided further that such pump shall
    be capable of supplying water at the topmost hose reel at a pressure of
    300 kPa and a rate of 0,5 P/s and shall function automatically with the opening
    of any hose reel nozzle.
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